Barbecue on terrace

During summer, the outdoor terrace

In the summer months (July and August), we invite you to sit on our outdoor terrace which is partly sheltered from the sun. It seats a minimum of 150 people. Other dates on request by prior arrangement.

Enjoy coffee, ice cream or our chef’s specialties in the open air with a beautiful view of the dam which creates a truly relaxed atmosphere. While you enjoy our specialities, your children can try our multifunctional playground with a trampoline.

In summer, the terrace offers food and beverages from the menu of the Valaska restaurant. We also prepare grilled specialities - pork, chicken and beef, fish or vegetables - every Saturday and Sunday. And for dessert, you can taste our delicious desserts or pancakes.

Chef’s Seasonal specialties

Our Chef Milan Juřena and his team prepare the following:


  • Game pate with cranberries
  • Smoked specialities on a board from our smoke house
  • Fine brawn in a lidded jar

All served with bread from our bakery !!!


  • Wallachian sauerkraut soup with forest mushrooms and special sausage (klobasa)
  • Garlic soup with poached egg

Regional specialties

  • Halusky with specialty cheese and bacon
  • Halusky with cabbage and fried onion
  • Slowly roasted honey glazed ribs

Sweet menu

  • Wallachian dumplings filled with blueberries and a blueberry dip

Speciální dětské menu

  • Froggy special - Froggy teddy bear as a gift with each menu. Are you wondering who Froggy is? Follow his natural educational trail.