Nordic Walking

For everyone

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Not only is Nordic walking suitable for all ages, but this activity can be done by a beginner as well as a competitive athlete. Thanks to reduced stress on the joints, it is advisable to include Nordic walking as a part of physiotherapy.

Contribution of Nordic Walking

  • Positive influence on musculoskeletal system, helps with correct body posture
  • Increase of heart rate by 5-17 beats per minute
  • By incorporating the movement of arms, the total calories consumption can be increased by 20% in comparison with ordinary walking
  • Improves the mobility of the spine and helps to loosen neck, back and shoulder-blade muscles
  • When using the correct technique, 90% of muscles are being used
  • Pressure on the joints is reduced by using trekking poles
  • Helps with reduction of personal weight, it burns up to 600 calories per hour
  • Improves coordination of movement

Walking technique

Walking technique is simple. Before walking it advisable to stretch and warm up. When walking alone we should keep the same speed and be able to talk while we walk. If not the pace is too fast. We try to make rather longer steps, so we use the whole length of the foot. We start with the heel and finish by the touch of the big toe. When walking, we alternate left leg and right arm with right leg and left arm. You will appreciate the trekking poles on any trip, while walking both uphill and downhill.

The right size poles will help you master the proper technique of Nordic Walking significantly. The height of the poles is calculated by this formula - 0.68 x body height. Or without calculation - height of the poles should reach to the elbows of the user.

Then you need to adjust your stride length in conjunction with the correct hand movement. Nordic Walking poles must, among other things, help in walking forward. So you can not put the poles in front of you.